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Meet is a URL shortener that allows content creators and business owners to advertise during redirects. Whether blogging or producing YouTube videos, using links will allow you to market your products, merchanise, or content to everyone using your links, no matter where the links are going.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Awesome Customer Support and Service
  • Image Upload for Easy Link Advertisement
  • Modern Design for a Great User Experience
  • Many Features for Customizing Links
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Link Advertisement

Bloggers and content creators alike understand the growing struggle of getting noticed and monetizing content online. offers an advertisement system that allows you to advertise your products and services during the redirection of links. This is a great tool to use for links in video descriptions and blog posts. Every time someone clicks your links, the links will be advertising for you.

Why is this so great? Well, that means that every link that is directed away from your content is still monetized and working for you!

Locked Links

Want to keep a link out of the reach of others? offers password protection and activation date features designed to keep your links safe.

Whether it's the link to a private YouTube video, or the link to a product that will be launching soon, has you covered!



The basic redirect demo below redirects to our register page, without any advertisements or password security locks.


The demo below features an advertisement image that links to our homepage, while redirecting to our register page.

Security Locking

The demo below is password protected using the password "demopass". The URL redirects to our register page once unlocked.


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